Instructions for authors

Submission Guidelines

1. Offering a manuscript for publication in the journal “The ideology and politics,” you represent and warrant that:

a) Article (any part of it, it shortened or extended version) must be unpublished in any language either in print or electronic version, has not to be offered at the same time in any other publishing office and will not be offered to any other publishing office until all issues about publication of an article will be solved in the magazine;

b) You are the author of the article and do not use pieces of previously published articles by other authors without clear reference to these sources. The research, which your text is based on, has done by you. If the research was done by the research team, all team members (regardless of status, degree and position) must be specified either as sponsors in the note or in the outset

c) The research, which your text is based on, is to be evaluated by two peer-reviewers. If the reviewers provide negative assessment, the editors cannot not accept the paper for publication. Also, for legal reasons, editors cannot provide authors with the details of negative assessments.

By submitting their papers to the journal, the authors agree with these conditions.

2. While submitting your article to us please make shure that the text responses to all requirements that would make the process of of review and publication faster and more efficient:

a) the text (doc file; Times New Roman; font size 14; line spacing – 1.5, second paragraph – 1.25) should start with the article’s title;

b) the title should be followed by your full first and last name, name of your academic institution, and, if you have it, ORCid;

c) please add abstract (that would present your hypothesis, arguments and findings in a way that inspires audience to read the article) and key words (three to seven); this part of text should be in italic;

 d) in the major text of your article please make reference within the text; for example―(Name Year: Page); for example (Lackoff 1992: 32) or (Rabkin et al. 2013: 12–13) (please pay attention to the length of the dash; same dash shoul be used as a sign between dates in the text, no periods before and after);

e) please use footnotes only if you cannot express something in the main text; please do not use footnotes for references;

f) please identify clearly the chapters of your article by putting the subtitle in bold, no italic, not dots in the end;

g) if you cite or stress on a term, please use “quote marks” only; please do not use these ‘quote marks’;

h) please use the following style for bibliography formulations:

— book: Abrams, Hue. (2006). Abrams’ angiography: interventional radiology. New York: Williams & Wilkins. (please provide full first and last name of the author(s));

— article (printed source): Klein, Mike, Abrams, Marry & Manno, Roger. (2009). U.S. Constitution on the rights of minority. Journal of Law 2(13): 34–45. (please pay attention to the length of the dash);

— electronic source:

—- official information, law, or other document: Paris Communiqué. (2018). Paris Communiqué. Oficijnyj sajt Ministerstva osvity i nauky Ukrayiny, 12 March, storage/app/media/news/%D0%9D%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B8/2018/06/06/12/paris-communiqueenua2018.pdf (accessed 11 June 2019).

—- information on university site: Trippl, Michael, Sinozic, Thomas & Smith, Hall. (2014). The Role of Universities in Regional Development: Conceptual Models and Policy Institutions in the UK, Sweden and Austria. Lund University, 12 July, (accessed 11 June 2019).

—- online news source: Ukrainska Pravda. (2019). General strike has started in Kyiv. Ukrainska Pravda, 12 March, (accessed 11 June 2019). 

—- other type of information: Kotos, Barry. (2015). The Local Economic Impact of Universities. Researching economic development and entrepreneurship in transition economies, 17 October, (accessed 11 June 2019). 

— chapter in a collected papers book: Zadora, Anna Maria. (2011). The Politics of History Textbooks. In Nation-Building and History Education, Zero, Jared & Constance, Paul (eds). Dordrecht: Springer, 117–129. (please pay attention to absence of signs after “In” and to the length of the dash between pages);

i) please transliterate all Cyrillic texts into Latin in bibliography; please use this website for effective transliteration from Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian Cyrillic;

j) If you are referring to translated or re-publication, in brackets indicate the year of the first edition in the original language; for example, Kant, Imanuel. ([1781] 2011). Critique of pure reason. London: Routledge.

k) If the bibliography contains more than one work of an author in one year, the year of publication adds the letters a, b, etc.; for examle (Jones 2013b: 33).

3. If you want to identify gratitude, information about funders, etc., please do it in the footnote assigned to the title of your article.

4. The Ideology and Politics Journal is royalty free publishing office.

5. IPJ does not accept papers with more than three authors.