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The Ideology and Politics Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Foundation for Good Politics. We highly appreciate continuous support of the IPJ editorial team by Alexander Blank.

ISSN 2227-6068

The Ideology and Politics Journal (IPJ) aims to develop an interdisciplinary platform for debates of informed and non-partisan researchers in the fields of social philosophy, political science, sociology, political economy, intellectual history, and cultural studies.  Devoted to the advancement of the understanding of socio-political processes in contemporary societies around the world, the IPJ  publishes special issues aimed at specific regions:

— For ten years (2011 – 2021) IPJ was focusing on the post-communist and post-Soviet regions. This will remain our focus, and every year we will publish at least one issue per year dedicated to the ideological and political issues of the region. These issues will publish articles in English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.

— Every year we shall also publish one IPJ issue on ideological and political processes in other regions of the world. In 2021 the IPJ Board has identified the Middle East and Northern Africa as a region for such an issue. These issues will be published in English only.

Whichever region selected, the IPJ  deals with the ideological and intellectual issues arising in the course of the formation of new or transformation of established societies.  The IPJ authors explore how societies acknowledge power relations, socio-economic reality, change of values, and guiding ideas for political development.  They also consider how societies understand, remember, and represent themselves and their pasts, as well as how they project their futures. The IPJ offers to its readers theoretical, as well as empirical works that are of interest beyond the narrow circles of academicians.

The Ideology and Politics Journal is dedicated to the analysis of ideologies in their political, social, and conceptual forms.  We recognize the complexity and vagueness of the concept of ideology.  To address this complexity, the IPJ focuses its publications on the broadly defined manifestations of ideologies, including:

  • political ideologies, culture, and discourse
  • phenomena of power
  • epistemological issues of truth, values, legitimacy, and institutions
  • domination, exploitation, and solidarity
  • recognition issues
  • collective identities and memories
  • ideological traditions and innovations
  • correlation of politics, religion, security, and economy

Founded by the Foundation for Good Politics (FGP), the Ideology and Politics Journal encourages discussion of the historical, cultural, and ethical dimensions of political action, with the intention to contribute to both the advancement of interdisciplinary research of contemporary ideologies and the promotion of a good politics around the world.

The Ideology and Politics Journal is issued two or three times a year.  The Journal is published in electronic form. All publications are free of charge. All reviews of the submitted texts are free of charge.

We are proud to be an Open Access journal (i.e. we are available online to our readers without financial, geographic, or any other limits.). We are indexed by the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals, since 2015), SCOPUS (since 2016) and Index Copernicus (since 2017).




We publish articles under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) License which permits use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. All our authors hold the copyright without restrictions.

Every research paper is to be evaluated by two peer-reviewers (on the conditions of anonymity). If the reviewers provide a negative assessment, the editors can not accept the paper for publication. Also, for legal reasons, editors cannot provide authors with the details of negative assessments. By submitting their papers to the journal, the authors agree with these conditions.

IPJ does not accept papers with more than three authors.

The Publisher of The Ideology and Politics Journal is the Foundation for Good Politics.

Our official mail address is:

via Giuseppe Compagnoni, 33

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Our e-mail: editor@www.ideopol.org

Our phone: +39 324 548 8286

Post Adress for authors/manuscripts:

Prof. Dr. Mykhailo Minakov

via Giuseppe Compagnoni, 33

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